• My child has been asking for a rabbit for a long time. What should I ask before buying this pet?

  • Care for the rabbit and its cage should be regular: once a day it is necessary to remove leftover food and rinse the dishes. You constantly need to ensure that there is water in the drinker - purified or boiled. You also need to change the water once a day.

  • I don’t know how to care for rabbits, but they are cute pets.

  • Keep in mind that keeping rabbits in beginner cages can be challenging. After all, competent care is the key to the health, fertility and good mood of your pets. Keep in mind that rabbits are eaten seasonally. In summer, they should eat fresh grass or slightly dried hay. Meat rabbits are supposed to have grain, beans, corn, soybeans. The eared people will not refuse fresh fruits - apples, pears. They also love vegetables - pumpkin, rutabagas, turnips, cabbage. Be sure to let your pets chew on the twigs. Now about rabbit cages https://petonbed.com/best-indoor-rabbit-cages/ Everything here is very individual. And it depends on the breed. If you are planning to become owners of large breeds of rabbits, then you will need very spacious cages for rabbits. Rabbits should not feel pinched, constrained. And always remember that high-quality nutrition, regular check-ups are the best prevention of rabbit diseases. Every owner is afraid of this trouble: rabbits are susceptible to infections, they all live side by side.

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