[Developer Post] - Videostream used to work and now it's broken

  • Let me preface all of this by saying: we totally could have pushed some bad code that broke your app, we are human and to spite our best efforts it does happen from time to time. In our experience though 99/100 this isn't the case

    Before you shoot us an email take a quick look below and see if any of the following might be true:

    1. Has any of your hardware changed lately (have you gotten a new router, new computer, moved your chromecast, etc..)? We find most routers that your internet service provider give you are in fact a 'downgrade' on what you had before

    2. Have you installed any security software to your laptop lately? If you have, see our anti-virus post to get Videostream up and running again! http://community.getvideostream.com/topic/6/

    3. Are you playing different file types then before? We find that most .mp4 and .mkv files play flawlessly however when users switch to .avi or .wmv you may see stuttering. Our guide here should help: http://community.getvideostream.com/topic/1/

    If you're still having issues shoot us an email at team@getvideostream.com
    (We don't outsource any of our support - in less then 15min you'll be talking to the people who build Videostream)

  • I upgraded my mac today to the latest update and now videos wont play. Youtube and web are fine

  • @pburgess55 Thanks for letting us know! Could you give a little bit of information on exactly what your seeing? Is the app freezing on boot, are you getting a warning message, etc...

  • I'm having the same issue - updated to Yosemite and now when i make a playlist or try to play a video, it won't load. the play screen loads up but says "video title" etc. screen grab attached Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.40.52 PM.png

  • I am dealing with the same thing. It just sits there at "loading." It connects to chrome, because I see the big orange Videostream logo on my TV. But my computer is stuck on "Loading" now for 10 minutes. This was a video file I previously played with videostream.

  • Could everyone having this issue please select the Help button, and Contact us? Then attach the log to the email, explaining you're having issues on Yosemite?

  • I'm having this on Windows, started today.

    Edit: Got rid of this by casting my Chrome tab to Chromecast, stopped casting and then casting Videostream. Everything is working as it should now.

  • Was playing this morning, went out , came home, and Videostream won't connect anymore.

    Updated Chrome
    Restarted and reinstalled my Chromecast
    Deleted and reinstalled videostream
    Installed the 'Launch Videostream'.. little thingy
    Restarted computer (ubuntu, no firewall issues - apparently...either way I haven't done any updates)
    Tried casting other tabs - no problem. Only Videostream not connecting.

    Never had this kind of problem before...

  • I have been having the same working/not working issues for the past 2 months. I've tried all the same troubleshooting steps mentioned and the only thing that seems to do the trick is a full reboot, both computer and my Samgsung SG4 phone.

    This is very annoying because there doesn't seem to be anything changing on my Win7 system.

    Can support give a full step-by-step process on what to do to get the VideoStream application to go back to normal operation without a reboot, and for god sakes, put it in a script that you can run easily from the Chrome-plugin if possible because the one embeded in the plugin sure hasn't fixed anything for me!

    Include steps you can do with the Android App as well!

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