Folder View in media library

  • This would be wonderful. As much as I appreciate the work Videostream tries to do in disambiguating my files, there are many cases where a simple file system view would be much easier to work with.

    This is a bit of a pet peeve with me and such apps - I do work to put my files in a nice, easy-to-navigate structure, and the app simply ignores all of that and presents me with a hard-to-use mess. Videostream is better than most, but the option to switch to a simple folder view would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes this would be a good feature (for premium only ??)

  • really does seem such a shame, when an app works SO well, that it falls down on such a basic thing! i really feel like it has tried to be a little bit too clever here! my only fools and horses folders are a mixture. Some of the folders are in the format episode 1, episode 2, etc. and so they work with the VS system, but then a lot of the older ones have names in them, and so they seem to appear as if they are films 'Diamonds are for Heather (1982)', etc.

    I would think most people have their folders organized how they would like to see them on any device and VS should allow you to support this.

  • Oh good god yes! I have literally thousands of titles on a 12TB NAS, so to be able to access things via the file structure on the hard drive is a total necessity!

  • Is this app still being actively developed?

  • UncleSteve,

    I have the same question. Has this product been abandoned?

    I also need hierarchical access to my video folders.

    To see this relatively minor programming change hanging out there for over two years makes me think that development has stopped.

    They are still taking in money however...


  • All,

    Well, I'm happy to report that I did hear back from their team on this issue.

    They said this feature is currently being added and would be released "pretty soon".

    I have asked for clarification on "pretty soon", but it is encouraging to know that it is being addressed.



  • I asked the same question but never got a response. It's almost another year past and I guess "pretty soon" isn't so pretty anymore. I'm willing to go premium for this feature alone. Sigh....

  • @fanllawf Same, I want to find a way to access subfolders too. What a coincidence I found this year old thread the day after you responded to it too!

    I've put a lot of effort into organizing my media library on my PC so its all neat and tidy, but that pretty much goes out the window for Videostream. I have "(2001) Cowboy Bebop" in ~Media Library\Movies\Anime. That clearly shows up in Videostream mobile as "Cowboy Bebop." Cool, it even removed the year for me, that's pretty helpful! But I also have the entire show in ~MediaLibrary\TV Shows\Anime under "Cowboy Bebop" with every episode neatly titled "Session x - 'Episode Name'" At first I thought it wasn't appearing in Videostream at all, because I couldn't find it. However, it is actually called "Session" in the videostream app...

    I wouldn't mind not having access to my folder organization if we could at least manually rename / organize them in the mobile or desktop app itself.

  • "pretty soon"

    If you give me a fork I will learn Android development just to add this feature.

    It is honestly infuriating that I paid money for this.

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