Professional Organizer's Tips to Make Moving Easier

  • If you are thinking of going out of the city, here are some moving tips to get you through the process as seamlessly as possible. Keep in mind that being organized is the most important thing for a stress-free move.
    Consider having a professional shifting company for your shifting. Which makes it best.It's best to let a professional moving company do your packing and shifting. People of packers companies are trained to do the job efficiently and your household items will be insured by the company. Items labeled "packed by owner" (meaning anyone other than the mover) are not insured during the move.
    When it comes to unpacking, it's time to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Keep in mind that when you pay movers to unpack, they don't put anything away. So everything you own ends up on all surfaces, including the floor.
    With so many things to consider in the process of relocating, here are some helpful ideas:
    1 Create a moving notebook or folder. That way, all of the paperwork related to your move is in one place. Make notes, create a checklist, and keep receipts and documents.
    2 Create a moving calendar to schedule and track all aspects and tasks required for a successful move, such as change of address notification, contact utility companies, make hotel reservations, defrost the refrigerator, etc.
    3 Do your research, or ask a professional organizer, about resources such as housekeepers who clean empty homes, carpet cleaners, reputable van lines and technology specialists.
    4 It's time for The Great Give-Away. Why move things you no longer need or use? Find another home for them: favorite charities, recycling centers, family members, and garage or estate sales. People want what you don't need.
    5 Don't forget that all-important survival box packed with your bed linens, coffee pot and other must-have items. This box should be last-on and first-off the moving van.
    6 Cash for tipping the packers/, loaders and drivers. You want them to take good care of your belongings.
    Congratulations! You and your stuff made it to your new digs. Now, save your back by using furniture moving pads to slide heavy furniture around - it's a cinch and doesn't scratch the flooring.
    9-Why You Should Use Only [Professional Removers](

    Here are a few questions you might therefore wish to put to potential shifting companies before giving them access to your home:
    • Will all of the personnel entering your property be employees of the company you have asked to do the removal?
    • How long have the personnel being allocated to the job, actually worked for the removals company?
    • If they are relatively new employees, what background checks were carried out as part of their recruitment?
    • If they are casual labor, the above question must be asked again only with added emphasis.
    • If the removals in all or part have been subcontracted out by your removers, what other companies are they using and how long have they been working with them?
    • In the event subcontractors are being used, does your removals company guarantee that they know not only the company they're giving the business to but also the individuals that company will be using in turn for things like packing your items? Remember, if a removals company has subcontracted out something such as the packing and then the packers in turn have picked up casual labor, then your protection is virtually zero.
    Beware of stories involving casual labor but with reassurances that someone from your removers will be there to "keep an eye on things". In practice, with you and your packers/movers circulating around the rooms of your home, trying to keep an eye on everything individuals are doing is absolutely impossible.
    Don't become paranoid but also don't hesitate to protect your interests by asking pointed and demanding questions of the company you are thinking about asking to do your removals. If they can't answer the questions or find it all somehow inappropriate, then that is a bad sign!

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